Wooden Propeller Kits

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11.4x11.6'' WWI rotary (Pup)

11.4x11.6" WWI rotary (Pup)£15.99

12 x10 WWI Axial (Mercedes)

12 x10 WWI Axial (Mercedes)£15.99

13'' x 10'' Rotary WWI propellor

13" x 10" Rotary WWI propellor£15.99

13'' x 9'' Mercedes

13" x 9" Mercedes£17.95

13x13x4 WWI propellor

13x13x4 WWI propellor£14.95

14'' x 10'' rotary

14" x 10" rotary£16.95

15 1/4'' x 15 1/2'' WWI rotary

15 1/4" x 15 1/2" WWI rotary£19.95

15x15x4 WW1 propellor

15x15x4 WW1 propellor£19.95

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Page 1 of 2:    24 Items

Many rubber powered model aircraft kits are supplied with a standard plastic propeller, which although perfect for flying, doesn't perhaps look as authentic as a wooden prop.

Our propellor kits are supplied as precision, laser-cut sheet wood which you can laminate and sand into delightful wooden replicas of the real thing.

Propellers are available in mahogany, bass wood or a combination of the two.