VMC Quick Stick

VMC Quick Stick

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VMC Quick Stick - 37 3/4" (959mm) Wingspan

The VMC QuickStick, designed by Chris Long, is an almost 40 inch wingspan aerobatic fun flier built entirely without the use of balsa wood.

Balsa wood has been in short supply over the past few years and so we wanted to produce a kit that required the same building skills as a balsa wood model, but used alternative woods.

What Chris came up with is a mainly plywood frame with control surfaces made from bass and obechi hardwoods. Rigidity and strength is added to the wing with a 6mm carbon tube leading edge.

This is DEFINITELY NOT A KIT FOR BEGINNERS, either from a build or flying perspective, but a seasoned modeller will find the model goes together easily in just a few short hours.

Covered with a heat-shrink polyester film like Oracover, you'll have a model that can withstand pretty much anything you can throw at it in the air.

In terms of power, we have tested the model using our "C" Speed electronics pack with a 2215 motor and 3S battery, but there is plenty of scope for a faster motor should you wish to push the envelope!

The Quick Stick design is informed by the original and ubiquitous "Ugly Stick" - a stylised WW1 German monoplane not too dissimilar to a an Eindecker, the scalloped ailerons and elevator giving the model a retro feel.

We think the Quick Stick looks great in red but we'd love to see what you come up with. A single 2 metre roll of Oracover will cover the whole model.

What's included in the kit?

1 x Full-sized plotted plan
1 x Illustrated build guide (these are not step by step instructions, but provide guidance to experienced model builders)
6 x laser cut sheets of plywood and hardwood parts (around 70 parts in total)
4 x M3 ‘T’ Nuts.
1 x 350mm /14” length 16swg wire. (Undercarriage)
2 x 600mm /24” lengths 18swg wire. (Push rods)
1 x 900mm length 6mm OD Carbon Tube. (Leading Edge)
1 x 189mm / 7” length of 3mm/1/8th hardwood Dowel.
8 x Pushrod/servo connectors.
2 x Semi-Pneumatic Wheels.
4 x Wheel Collets.
1 x Velcro Battery Wrap (Double sided velcro)
6 x Wing Bands.

What do you need to complete the kit?

Electronics (motor, ESC, 4 x servos, battery, RC transmitter & receiver)
Covering (we recommend 2m roll of Oracover heat-shrink film)
Propeller (appropriate to your motor)
Tape for hinges on ailerons, elevator and rudder (we recommend Blenderm medical tape)
Basic modelling tools
Cyano glue and 2 part epoxy
Button or Kevlar thread to secure undercarriage wire


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