VMC Polaris 2

VMC Polaris 2

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VMC Polaris 2 - 20" Wingspan

Based on the original KeilKraft Polaris kit from the late 1940s, designer Chris Long had brought modern CAD techniques to the kit with a newly drawn plan and much more accurate laser cut parts.

The Polaris 2 has a 1/4" balsa wood, laser cut fuselage which is formed by laminating two 1/8" sides and then must be sanded to form a streamlined profile.

As the fuselage tapers towards the tail, some modellers may wish to "sandwich" an optional carbon fibre rod along the length of fuselage to provide extra strength.

The wing parts are laser cut from balsa wood which again must be sanded into an aerofoil - this is true for the tail parts too.

A plywood dihedral brace helps you to align the wings.

Although assembly is very fast and relatively simple, please be aware that there is A LOT OF SANDING TO DO!

Make sure to wear a dust mask and have a vacuum cleaner handy to periodically clear the dust from your workbench.

Flying the Polaris (and any chuck glider from this era) is a bit of an art form as there is a very fine line to tread between getting the model balanced correctly, launched well and built as light as possible.

Needless to say, there's hours of fun to be had! 


  • Plotted plan with annotated instructions
  • Precision laser-cut parts in balsa and ply
  • Tissue to cover nose-weight slot
  • Sanding paper


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