Rubber Winder 10:1 Ratio

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KP 10:1 GEARED RUBBER WINDER To achive long flight times with rubber free flight models, you will need to apply many turns to the rubber motor. The quickest and easiest way to do this is using a geared rubber winder. This winder has a 10:1 ratio which means that for every turn of the handle, the rubber will be wound 10 times. Made in the UK from tough acetal plastic and finished in bright yellow (so you'll easily find it when you put it down!), this winder is perfect for smaller and indoor models.


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    Posted by Kevin F on 7th Oct 2021

    This was purchased with the counter (see separate review). It does the job, and makes a massive difference in time and effort; no more RSI from hand-winding! With no load it spins easily. With a load, however, it is is stiff to turn. On the good side, that means that if you let go, the handle cant spin backwards. On the not so good side I worry about how long it will last. Pulling it apart I find a thrust bearing with 5 minute ball bearing (and I mean minute!). All else other than the hook a bearing axle and screws are plastic (which is likely fine for the task at hand). I've droped a very small amount of light machine oil on these balls which helps matters considerably: I hope it wont do anythng to the plastic surfaces that these balls run on, but frankly without it I suspect it wont last long any way. The only other thing is, you may want to smooth off the edges of the winding hook as these are sharp and will cut your rubber motor without care. Is it worth it .. as long as it keeps working even after a fashion - YES.