Keil Kraft

Keil Kraft are perhaps the first name that comes to mind when talking about balsawood model aircraft, having been market leaders for decades.

KeilKraft Limited was originally incorporated in 1931 and produced kits right up to the Second World War when production switched to support the war effort.

Production continued after the war with new models introduced regularly from 1946 onwards, however as the hobby faded into the 1980s, the company passed through several hands and was officially dissolved in 2013.

The Keil Kraft name and trademarks are now owned by Ripmax Ltd and in 2018, they released a set of Keil Kraft kits with updated laser-cut parts and produced in China.


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Keil Kraft Ace

Keil Kraft Ace£29.99

Keil Kraft Ajax

Keil Kraft Ajax£29.99

Keil Kraft Caprice

Keil Kraft Caprice£29.99

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Keil Kraft Gipsy

Keil Kraft Gipsy£34.99

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Keil Kraft Senator

Keil Kraft Senator£29.99


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