Dual Function Profiler Bomb Drop Version

Dual Function Profiler Bomb Drop Version

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Forge Electronics Dual Function Profiler - Bomb Drop Version

Electric free flight is clean and quiet, ideal for the 21st century environment.

The huge electric RC market ensures that components such as motors and ESCs for free flight are readily available and totally reliable.

Battery technology has progressed such that the weight of an electric power train can be similar or better than conventional glow or diesel power.

Accurate and repeatable control of motor power and run timing make for enjoyable frustration-free flying. This dual function profiler has been designed and developed so that sports flyers can enjoy all these advantages at a realistic price.

The primary function of this timer is to set the profile of the motor run via an ESC (power, run and decay times). 

The secondary function is to drive a servo to operate a user supplied bomb drop mechanism.

The motor power is set by a single turn potentiometer and the motor run, decay periods and bomb drop times are set by a simple push button/LED interface.

Key Features

  • Start delay: 5 seconds
  • Motor soft start: 3 seconds
  • Motor run duration: adjustable 2 to 30 seconds, set in 2 second increments
  • Motor power: adjustable from 0 to full throttle by potentiometer
  • Power decay: adjustable 2 to 30 seconds, set in 2 second increments
  • Bomb drop:- adjustable 4 to 30 seconds, set in 2 second increments
  • Push button immediately stops the motor at any point during the flight profile
  • Duration settings are saved in memory, so a single button push serves to repeat a flight
  • Unique CONFIG mode for setting up ESCs without additional equipment (programming card or Rx/Tx otherwise required)




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