45" Eliminator Duration Model

45" Eliminator Duration Model

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The Eliminator is a 45.25" wingspan, 1.5cc powered free-flight, pylon duration model.

Designed and flown by Barry Wheeler in the 1952 World Championships, Barry and the Eliminator won first prize. The model was kitted that year by Chuck Doughty and Aeromodeller Plan Service published the design in 1953.

Here's what they had to say:

Barry Wheeler's "Eliminator" is the Birmingham club's development of the very successful "San de Hogan" American design. In plan form it closely follows Bill Winter's "All-american" and it incorporates a Denny Davis drag tab for glide trim. Add to these features, a sheeted box section fuselage, tip-up tail d/t, skid undercarriage, offset underfin, side mounted 1.49 motor on side and downthrust pre-set bearers, flat bottomed sections, 52% tail and you have a potent model. The APS plan will be found perfectly self-explanatory, needing no further comment.

We have added detail for detaching the wing halves as an aid for transport, this is used in our test model (built from Chuck Doughty's kit) and the whole model can now be carried in a box measuring only 8 x 8 x 33 inches. As with the "Komet", the "Eliminator" can use a little wash-out on each wing tip panel. Barry Wheeler recommends that the C.G. should be between 85% and 95% of the root chord and that glide tests should be made with tail packing to trim for a long and fast glide. Then set the clockwork timer for 6 seconds, add an extra 1/32" trailing edge packing under the tail and launch with the engine at low revs. Best trim is for a 100ft right hand spiral climb, followed by 100ft left hand circles in the glide, the offset underfin taking care of this and also helping to stabilise the spiral climb. To increase forward speed, that extra piece of 1/32" tail packing can now be removed. To tighten the glide turn, add plasticine ballast weight to the drag tab and for best climbing performance, fit an 8d x 6p wooden prop.


  • Wingspan: 45.25" (114.9 cm)
  • Power system: Powered free-flight
  • Manufacturer: Aeromodeller Plan Service
  • Designed by: Barry Wheeler
  • Difficulty: Intermediate


This kit is a laser-cut replica of the original APS Eliminator. Construction of the model from this kit uses the traditional method of "stick and tissue", that consists of a built up balsa wood skeleton (framework), covered with a tissue skin. In this case the model is "skinned" with balsa sheet. The balsa frameworks are built over a copy of the original plan that is printed on high quality paper at full size. Free flight means just that - once the model is launched, it is on its own. It must follow a predetermined flight path established when the model is initially adjusted for flight or "trimmed". This type of traditional building technique and flying requires a degree of patience and skill, but is extremely rewarding.


  • Balsa wood sheets with precise laser cut parts
  • Ply cut parts
  • All strip wood.
  • Acetate
  • Full size printed plan with annotations


  • Wood glue
  • Paints


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