36" Peacemaker

36" Peacemaker

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The Peacemaker is a true, all time great control line stunter, designed to take popular 2.5 - 3cc diesel and glow-plug motors, designed by the great George Aldridge.

A profile model, with straightforward built-up construction, with all parts precision laser-cut, for an accurate build. Sparkling stunt performance, as would be expected, but also very stable, providing a model suitable for stunt beginners and expert alike.

A real aero-modelling classic.


Plotted plan
16 sheets of precision laser cut parts
Engine bearers
Strip wood
Bellcrank assembly with leadouts
Cloth tape
Semi-pneumatic wheel and tyre
Piano wire


Alex Arthur

Not much that can be said about the Peacemaker that hasn't already been said - it is truly a classic that everyone should have at some time. The kit provides excellent wood selection and is nicely laser cut without too much burning - loads better than some kits from the US that I have built. The grain direction on the wing trailing edge extensions runs span-wise, when it ought to run parallel with the trailing edge, but this is hardly a major issue. I chose to glass/epoxy the fuselage and tail feathers for strength and added an inboard cheek section (as per combat model engine pod construction) to stiffen the fuselage/engine/wing joint area. I also covered the wing in nylon. Ready to fly she weighs in at just under 20 oz with a PAW 2.5 TBR - not too bad and it certainly underlines the good wood choice. Incidentally, running on a 9x4 APC prop the model copes with 6oft lines in any conditions up to a strong breeze (20kts), in fact it is a bit too fast on 52ft lines! With the CofG in the right spot and a competent pilot it can be persuaded to do most manoeuvres in 'the book' but is mostly just a really fun 'plane to fly!

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