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Created as an in-house replacement for the Keil Kraft Gipsy, the VMC Romany is a 40" wingspan, rubber powered, cabin sports model that harks back to the golden age of free-flight but with a significant nod to the future.

Tasked with creating a "better" Gipsy, designer Chris Long took all of the great elements of that iconic model and then added a few select enhancements to improve the kit and help those looking to add radio control assistance functionality.

Once radio control is added to a model, however light the touch, there is a chance that additional loads placed upon the airframe during aerial manoeuvres, may stress it to breaking point.

The original Gipsy's main wing spar was one such weakness and so Chris has designed the VMC Romany wing to have a much stronger upper and lower spar that allows for inter-rib spar webbing to be added for extra strength if desired.

Again with potential RC conversions in mind, the VMC Romany is built out of the box with a moveable tail flying surfaces (rudder and elevator) using supplied mylar hinges for RC conversions or aluminium hinges enabling easier trimming for free-flight enthusiasts.

Supplied with a beautiful 12" plastic propeller, FAI sports tan flight rubber and featuring 4 sheets of Deluxe Materials' Natural EzeTissue, we think the VMC Romany is one of the best rubber-powered, retro free-flight kits available anywhere in the world.


Full scale plotted plans
Printed instructions
Laser cut balsa wood parts
Balsa strip wood
Balsa Leading-Edge
3mm Hardwood dowel.
5mm OD Aluminium tube motor peg.
16swg Piano wire
Acetate for glazing.
Large nose button.
12” Plastic Propeller.
11metres of 1/4” (6mm) flat flight rubber.
Mylar hinges for RC assisted.
Aluminium strip for free-flight hinges.
Streamlined wheels.
Deluxe Materials EzeTissue "Natural"