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DH Chipmunk 150 scale

DH Chipmunk 150 scale£34.99

Veron Aeronca Champion

Veron Aeronca Champion£29.99

Veron Air-o-jet

Veron Air-o-jet£29.99

Veron Auster A.O.P.

Veron Auster A.O.P.£29.99

Veron Bee-Bug

Veron Bee-Bug£39.99  (1)

Veron Cardinal

Veron Cardinal£54.95

Veron Cessna 172 Skyhawk

Veron Cessna 172 Skyhawk£29.99

Veron Chilton DW-1

Veron Chilton DW-1£29.99

Veron Comper Swift

Veron Comper Swift£29.99

Veron Coronette

Veron Coronette£29.99

Veron Deacon

Veron Deacon£79.99

Veron DH Chipmunk

Veron DH Chipmunk£29.99

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Page 1 of 3:    35 Items

Originally a brand name of Model Aircraft Stores (Bournemouth), Veron was allegedly named after one of the owners' wives, Veronica.

Veron models were competitors to Keil Kraft and their Tru-Flite range of small scale rubber powered balsa kits were many children's first stab at aeromodelling.

As well as Tru-Flite, Veron produced control line, free flight and Jetex models, many of which we have replica kits, ready for you to order.