Small Flying Scale Models

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Crossley Me-262

Crossley Me-262£39.99

Crossley Miles M-52

Crossley Miles M-52£29.99

Crossley V-1 Doodle Bug

Crossley V-1 Doodle Bug£29.99

KK Beechcraft Bonanza

KK Beechcraft Bonanza£29.99

KK Ercoupe

KK Ercoupe£29.99

KK Fairey Junior

KK Fairey Junior£29.99

KK Focke-Wulf FW 190

KK Focke-Wulf FW 190£29.99

KK Fokker D-8

KK Fokker D-8£29.99

KK Globe Swift

KK Globe Swift£29.99

KK JU-87 Stuka

KK JU-87 Stuka£29.99

KK Luscombe Silvaire

KK Luscombe Silvaire£29.99

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Page 1 of 5:    50 Items

Manufacturers like KeilKraft and Veron made their names with small scale flying kits.

Some, such as Veron's Tru Flite Range, stretched the definition of scale at times, but many older modellers remember these kits from their childhoods - many cutting their teeth on these low cost balsa and tissue kits.

Our kits only use precision laser-cut balsa, making them even easier to build!