Short Kits


You may have noticed that we have removed the short kit option from all of the models on our website.

We have done this to avoid the confusion that was happening over pricing and the accidental ordering of short kits when the intention was to buy a full kit.

By way of reminder, short kits comprise a printed plan, precision laser cut parts and where  required, a canopy too.

Short kits are ideal for those of you who would like the labour-saving and accuracy of laser cut parts and printed plans, without paying for materials you already have.

In many cases, a short kit will fit into a smaller box, making posting and packing cheaper too - a bonus if you live outside the UK.

If you would like a short kit version of one of our models cut to order, please contact us either by telephone on +44 (0)1629 258240 or email and we will work out a delivered price for you.

Thank you.


The VMC Team