Sail Planes & Gliders

Is there anything so elegant as a balsa wood glider soaring on thermals in a bright blue sky?

Building a glider from precision laser-cut balsa and tissue can be hugely rewarding and makes these kits ideal for anyone with plenty of time.

Our ever-widening range includes classic replicas like the KK Elmira as well as newer designs like the V1 Minimoa 100.

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KK Invader

KK Invader£34.99

KK Kirby Prefect

KK Kirby Prefect£29.99

KK Minimoa

KK Minimoa£39.99

  Sorry - Out of Stock

KK Polaris

KK Polaris£27.99  (1)

KK Soarer Major

KK Soarer Major£69.95

KK Spook 2

KK Spook 2£16.99

KK Topper

KK Topper£44.95

Mercury Gnome

Mercury Gnome£39.99

Mercury Grebe

Mercury Grebe£44.95

Mercury Magpie

Mercury Magpie£29.99

Mercury Marauder

Mercury Marauder£54.95

Minimoa 100

Minimoa 100£179.95  (1)

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Page 2 of 3:    29 Items