Posted by James on 23rd Apr 2020

Radio Control Quick Start Guide

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Radio Control Quick Start Guide

There has always been a barrier to entry to radio control aircraft. We are aiming to remove this by creating models anyone can fly with success if they simply follow our videos and instructions step-by-step.

Important! Flying R/C model aircraft requires a base level of understanding about how to control the plane and how to set it up properly. You can drastically increase your chances of success and decrease the chance of you crashing straight away through reading this guide.

Which Plane to Start With

The Balsa Basics series was created by us at the Vintage Model Company to provide people of all experience levels to the world of balsa R/C models where you learn to build your own wooden R/C aircraft. It's a great place to begin for someone who has never built or flown a model before, but it might also suit someone who has experience in flying but not building.

There are many models in the series and some are better for beginners than others. We highly recommend as a complete beginner that you start with the Balsa Basics Cub. This is a docile aircraft that is slow and easy to control. Although it might look old fashioned, it is a reliable model that is still capable of straightforward aerobatics; it's safe to say it can grow with you.

You might be tempted by some of the more sporty aircraft out there in the range, perhaps by a warbird like the Spitfire, we would only recommend you invest in those bundle packs if you have prior experience in flying at least one other model. Try starting with the Cub and then move onto the Spitfire when you have enough experience.

Building Your Model

All of our Balsa Basics models are build using video guides as instructions. Follow them along step-by-step. Also, watch our guides for how to set up your electronics for each power pack we sell along with how to bind your radio and charge your batteries.

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Setup and Preflight Checks

It is critical that you setup your plane properly before taking it out for a first flight. Understand and do these things before flying.

Control direction check

Centre of Gravity

Battery Charging

How To Control Your Aircraft

If nothing else on this, watch this video before heading out to the flying field.

Follow the steps in this video to go from simple hops to flying circuits on your maiden flight.

Further Help

If you're having trouble with your new Balsa R/C plane, the best place to ask for help is in our online community of aeromodellers who have hundreds of years worth of combined experience. Is your plane behaving poorly? Do you need help fixing it? Become a member (for free) and ask questions.

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