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Airframe kits for use with your own choice of R/C electronics.


22" Sharkfish / Sharkface 4ch Easy Sport Flyer


4ch SHARKFACE R/C Plane The very simplest of weekend builds, but not a sedate model by any means! This model is a tribute to Eric Clutton's 1965 "Sharkface" adapted for electric power and 4 channel R/C. This models flies like the wind, and is very...

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100" Minimoa Giant Scale (2.4m) Classic Glider Kit


MINIMOA 100 The Minimoa 100 is a truly breathtaking, gull-wing, scale radio controlled sailplane, for the experienced builder. AT A GLANCE Wingspan: 100" (254 cm) Power system: Glider; Suitable for RC YOUR KIT Born from a thread started several...

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60" Southerner 60 Vintage Cabin Model Aircraft


Flight Video SOUTHERNER 60  A lovely makeover of the classic duration model from the 50s adapted for electric power and 3 Channel R/C. Full details online are available here The kit is...

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Peter Rake

18" Peter Rake Mini Bluebird Micro R/C Plane


MINI BLUEBIRD BY PETER RAKE The Mini Bluebird from the pen of Peter Rake is a scaled-down re-design of the 1947 Bluebird model originally from Comet. With an 18in (460mm) wingspan the Mini Bluebird is ideal for micro-RC using a PZ brick or similar setup...

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37" Aesop (Popsie) 3ch Vintage Old-Timer R/C Model


37" AESOP (Popsie) A lovely old timer for electric power and 3ch R/C, inspired by Vic Smeeds 'Popsie' design and built more or less traditionally out of sticks and formers. Cute as a button and easy to build and fly- it's tough too.  AT A...

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30" Silver Lady Vintage RC Balsa Model Kit


About This Model Aircraft This is a small vintage style model for electric power and 3ch R/C perfect for those just getting into the hobby of balsa modelling with radio control. As a fully laser cut model with self jigging assembly, this kit goes...

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Vintage Model Co

40" Balsa Basics Spitfire Full Beginners Bundle


Everything You Need to Build an R/C Spitfire* This is the full beginner kit that includes a laser cut airframe kit, motor, speed controller, servos, a transmitter and reciever set, battery, charger and covering material. If you've ever wanted to build...

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