PAW 19 Mk2 Standard Plain Bearing Diesel Engine

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PAW 19 MK2 DIESEL PLAIN BEARING ENGINE Still manufactured in the UK by Tony Eifflaender, each engine is test run up to 10,000 rpm before leaving the factory and is backed by a two month guarantee from date of purchase. SPECIFICATIONS Weight: 170g BHP: 0.36 Useful Range: 4000-17000 rpm Recommended Props (Diameter/Pitch in inches): From 10/6 To 7/6


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    P.A.W. 19 standard plain bearing diesel engine

    Posted by Dominic Excell on 12th Jan 2020

    I bought one of these from my local model shop in Cromer many many years ago. I found it easy to start having owned a 1cc DC Merlin back in my youth. The PAW is in fact easier to start than the Merlin ever was, despite not having the spring starter system that was standard with the Merlin (If only that had had the other 11 cylinders as per the R.R. aero engine of the same name!) Back to the PAW then, easy to start and plenty of power for the basic trainer with veneered foam wings on which I learned the basics of RC flying. It also throttled easily but was fairly thirsty for full power use. Not applicable on this FF version which you set for max RPM on the ground before launching and let it run until the fuel tank is dry. I once made the mistake of making a wing centre section gravity feed tank to top up the carb-level tank behind the engine, It allowed a flight time and therefore distance covered far in excess of that I could cover over open downland, fences and fields of cattle including a big brown bull who took exception to a pimply youth charging around his field of lady cows chasing around after the irritatingly noisy and smelly bird that wouldn't fly away and thankfully ended its' life in a power dive from a great height burying itself in the earth (going straight through a juicy cow-pat to find the aforementioned earth! - most satisfying from the bull's point of view!!)) After a good clean, and resisting the temptation to try turning the engine over until those nice folk at PAW engines serviced it, removing every last bit of grit before reassembling it and returning it to me almost as new, for a very modest price. Anyway, after too much digression - a very satisfying, simple engine that delivers plenty of power for a good length of time as long as the fuel tank is kept to a sensible capacity. After all, one is not attempting a distance record for free flight models!, nor is one trying to squeeze every last mg of power out of it, It is the perfect engine for lazy weekend flying, being easy to start, plenty enough power for the range of sizes of planes for which it is suggested in the instruction leaflet.Reasonably frugal unless being run over-rich for a long flight. and 5 mins is a long long time in a free flight plane, as it'll go a long way in that time, so best check wind direction and try to avoid letting it cut out over a town which is a very bad idea, so make sure you are well insured, and have your name nd address clearly marked inside in a prominent place to allow the finder to hopefully make contact with you. Remember that the offer of a reward can help with the return! So, buy this super engine with confidence. Well built to a high standard, well suited to a wide range of propellers, and therefore types of plane too, a great back-up service and spares from the very helpful manufacturers should you need it.