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Oracover 2m Silver (91)

Oracover 2m Silver (91)


Original Manufacturer:  Oracover
Roll Length:  2 metres



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Oracover polyester iron-on film has become the standard for non-tissue, model aircraft covering.

This stuff, made in Germany, is simply superb.

It's the only film that gives you a second chance to reposition without separating the colour layer from the adhesive layer.

It is fully fuel and oil resistant and can tolerate temperatures up to 250C.

You can paint over it.

When you iron over a seam, there is no colour bleed at the edges and it is so easy to achieve wrinkle-free corners.

You can even use Oracover over foam as the adhesive activates at only 80C.

This is the replacement for Solarfilm you've been looking for!