Minimoa 50" RC Glider

Minimoa 50'' RC Glider
Minimoa 50'' RC GliderMinimoa 50'' RC GliderMinimoa 50'' RC Glider
Minimoa 50'' RC GliderMinimoa 50'' RC Glider


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The original much-loved Keil Kraft Minimoa has been completely redesigned for 2-channel RC and to bring it up to the standards of precision laser cutting. This is a 50" glider for 2-channel RC, but could be built for 'free flight' if so desired.. Designed by Chris Long, it is now an entirely original kit separate from the KK Reproductions range.




  • Designed for RC - requires 2 x 4/5mm micro servos, 400mAh Nicad (or similar lipo and BEC equivalent) flight battery and small receiver.
  • New wing box with superior strength •Removable wings
  • Former realignment
  • Straightened stringers
  • Strengthened wheel axle box
  • New scale canopy



This kit is a laser-cut replica of the 1930s Göppingen Gö 3 Minimoa sailplane.

Construction of the model from this kit uses the traditional method of "stick and tissue", that consists of a built up balsa wood skeleton (framework), covered with a tissue skin.

The balsa frameworks are built over a plan that is printed at the exact scale of the model, which is in essence a real engineering drawing.

Designed for 2 channel micro RC, but can built for 'Free flight'.

This type of traditional building technique and flying requires a degree of patience and skill, but is extremely rewarding.




  • Balsa wood and plywood sheets with precise laser cut parts
  • Vacuum-formed canopy and acetate for glazing
  • Piano wire for undercarriage and tow hook
  • Aluminium Tubing
  • Mylar hinges and Carbon Fibre control rods
  • Rubber tyre for wheel
  • Tissue to cover the model
  • Full size printed plan with instructions



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