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Micro Power Pack 1

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Product Currently Discontinued

We apologise that Micro Power Pack 1 is presently out of stock. This is pending a completely new Micro Power Pack option for converting your balsa free flight models to radio control. The main reason we have had to stop stocking this pack is due to supply issues. Unfortunatley we could not supply the demand for the pack through our existing suppliers. We are expecting to find a solution to this problem within the next few months. For updates and further info, make sure to sign up to our newsletter.

If you would like to purchase the pack in its component parts from other suppliers, you can find the specs of each part in the product description below.

Micro Power Pack 1 Electronics 

To provide the easiest way for you to power your new micro flying model, we've created Micro Power Pack 1. It includes a motor, speed controller/receiver combo and two built in servos used to control your elevator and rudder. Swap out your rubber motor and install these components to spark life into your mini flying machine. 

Gear You Know Will Work Together 

We've chosen high quality components from the best brands for this power pack. At the heart is a Spektrum 'brick', the AR6410L which has  a built-in speed controller, receiver and two micro servos. All you need to do is plug in your included micro motor, attach a quality GWS prop and power everything up*. 

ALL The Onboard Electronics You Need To Power Your Magnificent Flying Machine 

Pack Includes

  • 1x Spekrtum AR6410L DSMX 6-Channel Ultra Micro Receiver with ESC
  • 1x Microaces Micro Motor and Gearbox 
  • 2x Propeller adaptors 
  • 2x GWS 5x3 propellers
  • 2x Pushrods with pre-bent 'z'-bends
  • 2x Laser cut control horns

You will need to supply non-power electronics such as your own radio system. All Spektrum transmitters apart from the DX6 park flyer radio system are compatible with the Spektrum brick included in this pack.

We recommend either the DX6e or more affordable DXe that we stock as they are both great entry level radios.

DXe - https://www.vintagemodelcompany.com/dxe-transmitter-system-w-ar610-receiver.html

*You will also need to power your electronics with a 1s LiPo battery.