Jetex Powered Models

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Crossley Me-262

Crossley Me-262£39.99

Crossley Miles M-52

Crossley Miles M-52£29.99

Crossley Skystreak

Crossley Skystreak£29.99

Crossley V-1 Doodle Bug

Crossley V-1 Doodle Bug£29.99

KK Avro 707A

KK Avro 707A£29.99

KK F-86 Sabre

KK F-86 Sabre£29.99

KK Fiat G-80

KK Fiat G-80£29.99

KK Gloster Javelin

KK Gloster Javelin£29.99

KK Hawker Hunter

KK Hawker Hunter£29.99

KK Mig-15

KK Mig-15£24.95

KK Panther

KK Panther£29.99  (1)

KK Sea Vixen

KK Sea Vixen£32.99

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Page 1 of 3:    32 Items

Although Jetex jet motors are no longer available, the kits below were designed to use them and can be powered by more recent replacements such as Rapier motors from the Czech Republic.

We have jet model kits from a variety of manufacturers, including Keilkraft replicas and Steve Bage Designs.

A fabulous "blast from the past".