FROG Tutor

FROG Tutor
FROG TutorFROG TutorFROG TutorFROG Tutor


Style:  Free Flight
Wingspan:  39" (990mm)
Power:  Diesel/Nitro

Your Price:  £49.95


The FROG Tutor was one of only three IC powered models still available from the company in 1960.

Designed for 0.8-1.0cc diesels (specifically the FROG 100 MKII and FROG '80'), the model was seen at the time as unnecessarily complicated to build but with a very strong airframe and great flier.

Our replica kit has a few modifications to the original stamped wood for ease of build, but in most respects is a faithful copy.

The kit does not include a motor or motor ancillaries.