Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) we often get in emails. If you can't find an answer here, consider becoming part of our Facebook community group where expert model builders will be happy to help. 

What are the best kits for beginners?

This newly designed range has been designed to be as friendly as possible and includes all the materials you need along with a colour instructional booklet: 

Which kit would you recommend for me to build with my child/grandchild?

Any of these:

How to I convert a free flight model to R/C?

Watch this video: 

What is your easiest R/C plane to build?

The Balsa Basics Cub.

What electronics do I need to convert a Magnificent Flying Machine to micro R/C?

This power pack was created specially for converting free flight models.

Will *this* motor/engine work with *this* plane? 

We are currently adding information on recommended sizes of power systems on every model we produce (all 200+!)

Do you do bespoke laser cutting? 

Yes. If you need parts cutting for a model you are either scratch building or from a plan found online, we can laser cut these. Ideally, we need vector-based drawing files (dxf, dwg or pdf) but if you have scans of parts we can "trace" these too. Costs will obviously vary based on the time taken to produce cut files and the quantity of materials required.

How long before I get my kit?

All of our vintage replica kits are built to order. We have such a large range of kits available, it would be uneconomical for us to keep every model in stock.All kits are precision laser-cut in our workshop and tend to be processed in batches, but most kits are turned around in a couple of days. A few models take longer than this to cut/pack (Mercury Aeronca Sedan for example) and we suggest you allow up to 14 days for these. 

Do you sell short kits?

A short kit consists of a printed plan and precision laser cut parts. We can supply short kits but you will need to contact us by email or over the phone to check pricing and requirements.