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Plans for all of the model aircraft we supply (and some that we don't) are available as downloadable plans.

In most cases, the plans will be larger than A4 paper, so you may wish take the downloaded pdf file to a local printer where you can have it printed onto a single sheet.

Alternatively, you can print the plans onto several A4 sheets and stick them together.

NB : Please bear in mind the plans were supplied with the original kits, and we supply them with our laser cut kits. Some of them do not contain all the information that you need to cut all the kit parts yourself. This should be obvious from the preview image. 


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Fouga Cyclone Plan Download

Fouga Cyclone Plan Download£1.99

FROG Jackdaw Plan Download

FROG Jackdaw Plan Download£2.97

FROG Linnet Plan Download

FROG Linnet Plan Download£0.99

FROG Tomtit Plan Download

FROG Tomtit Plan Download£0.99

Jetex Vampire Plan Download

Jetex Vampire Plan Download£0.99

KK Ace Plan Download

KK Ace Plan Download£0.99

KK Achilles Plan Download

KK Achilles Plan Download£0.99

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Page 1 of 9:    105 Items