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Deluxe Materials

EZE Dope 250ml


DELUXE MATERIALS EZE-DOPE A water-soluble alternative to traditional cellulose dopes, Eze Dope from Deluxe Materials is a low-odour, non-flammable and rapid-drying product that dries to a semi-matt finish. Apply a dilute solution of Eze Dope for initial...

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Doping Brush


DOPE BRUSH Traditional dope brush with lovely soft bristles that minimise the risk of piercing delicate tissue. You can use this brush to apply water for shrinking as well as doping. Works well with both cellulose dopes and water-based dopes like...

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HMG Cellulose Thinners 125ml

CELLULOSE THINNERS Cellulose thinners for use with cellulose dopes, sanding sealer and banana oil. Supplied in a 125ml tin. SPECIAL DELIVERY NOTE Cellulose thinners are a flammable and therefore hazardous substance that can only be shipped within the...

Deluxe Materials

Model Lite Balsa Tint


MODEL LITE BALSA TINT Deluxe Materials Model Lite Balsa Tint is an all purpose lightweight filler ideal for filling the grain or pin holes in balsa wood. Although Model Lite will bond wood, foam and fibreglass, the joints are not strong so do not use...

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HMG Shrinking Dope Clear 125ml

CLEAR SHRINKING CELLULOSE DOPE Clear shrinking cellulose dope is a traditional dope suitable for use with larger models, covered with heavyweight tissues and materials. Providing a very strong shrink and durable surface when set, this dope can be...


HMG Non-Shrinking Dope Clear 125ml

CLEAR NON-SHRINKING CELLULOSE DOPE Non-shrinking clear cellulose dope is a traditional dope ideal for use for smaller tissue-covered models, where you require minimal additional shrinking after initial water shrinking. Often used as a tissue adhesive...


HMG Cellulose Sanding Sealer 125ml

CELLULOSE SANDING SEALER Cellulose Sanding Sealer is essentially a clear non-shrinking dope with powder held in suspension. This can be painted onto bare balsa to fill in any fine grain after sanding, to seal the wood and to act as a glue before tissue...


HMG Gloss Fuel Proofer 125ml

GLOSS FUEL PROOFER An extra strong dope used to coat models running with diesel or glow motors. Fuel proofer protects wood and coverings against the corrosive effects of unburnt fuel in the exhaust and against spillages when filling or priming motors...


HMG Banana Oil 125ml

BANANA OIL Simply use banana oil the same as cellulose dope, after the tissue has been shrunk. Thin it 50/50 with cellulose thinners and apply it with a loaded brush. When covering wings, do the underside first and then the top, give it a minute or so...