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Cutting Tools

Beginner Balsa Modelling Starter Pack


BALSA MODELLING STARTER PACK Perfect for the new aero-modeller, our Balsa Modelling Starter Pack includes the basic tools and materials required to complete a model. This bundle represents a 20% saving over buying the individual components and makes...

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Swann-Morton Trimaway Craft Knife


SWANN-MORTON TRIMAWAY KNIFE The Swann-Morton Trimaway is the ideal low cost craft knife for all types of model making. The Trimaway features: Strong handle for those tough to cut plastic sprue tabs Heavy duty blade for repeated use Made by surgical blade...

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Swann-Morton No.3 Knife


SWANN-MORTON NO.3 CRAFT KNIFE Top Quality Swann-Morton No.3 handle with 5 x No.10A blades. Perfect for long builds where one blade isn't enough. Blades are surgical quality and protected in anti-corrosion packaging.

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