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Mercury Picador

Mercury Picador£54.99

Mercury Texan

Mercury Texan£44.99

Mercury Toreador

Mercury Toreador£80.00


Peacemaker£44.95  (1)

Veron Bee-Bug

Veron Bee-Bug£39.99  (1)

Veron Spitfire Mk22 Control Line

Veron Spitfire Mk22 Control Line£74.95  (1)

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Control line is one of the simplest and yet most fun forms of controlled model aircraft flying.

Using a pair of wires to control elevators on a powered model, the flyer stands in the centre while the aircraft flies in a circle around them, often performing outrageous aerobatic manouevres - not for the faint-hearted!

We supply a number of laser-cut balsa control line kits as well as a growing range of accessories.