Mind Bending, Wire Bending!

Mind Bending, Wire Bending!

Along with tissue covering, bending up wire for struts, undercarriage, tail wheels and propshafts is one of the trickiest elements of building balsa models.

As I began bending up the wire for my latest little project, I remembered that some years ago, Andrew Darby visited our old workshop in Ashford and I took a series of photographs and a few video clips of him bending up the tailwheel and undercarriage for the MFM Tiger Moth.

I wrote up a wire-bending guide based on these pics and videos that used to live on our old website.

This guide was lost when we changed website provider a few years ago, but I found it in our archives and thought now would be a good time to reinstate it.

Here's the link to the guide:

How To BendWire For Model Aircraft

Hopefully you'll find it of use when it comes to your next project.