Vintage Model Company Revamped Website

1 CommentTuesday, 23 July 2013  |  Hadi

You may have noticed some strange behaviour on our website recently, with occasions where the site has been down or you haven't been able to check out, log in or register.

For this we apologise sincerely.

For the past six months or so, we have been running perfectly well using our previous e-commerce system, however it transpired that even though we never see nor store credit card details entered through the website, technically, we could not pass a PCI compliance test. 

We have therefore moved to a new provider which means we are now fully PCI compliant.

The new version of the site is a little rough around the edges and we'll be making incremental improvements over the coming weeks and months.

If you have any suggestions for how we might improve our offering or if you spot any glitches or errors, please do let us know and we'll get onto it straight away.

We really do value your custom and feedback - thank you to all of  you who have supported the site and particularly to those of you who have bought kits from us.

We look forward to serving you for many years to come! 

B T F Beale
Wednesday, 2 November 2016  |  9:18

perfectly functional