Spitfire - A Customer's First Build

Wednesday, 3 August 2016  |  Hadi

From time to time, we receive pictures and comments from customers who have built our kits and are happy for us to share these with the rest of you.

We received this submission recently from John D, who was bought one of our Magnificent Flying Machines Spitfires as a present and having never built a model before, has produced a very commendable result.

John's Spitfire was one of our plain white tissue models and he has really gone to town by painting up the model in full combat camo.

We love the "Danger Duck" moniker and kill list - there's even a certain battle worn charm to the covering.

Our only comments for John's next build would be to perhaps leave the wings pinned to the board longer during shrinking.

This will reduce the warp on the wings and make trimming for flight a tad easier.

Overall an excellent first effort John and thank you for sharing it with us!


VMC Spitfire bare bones

VMC Spitfire complete

VMC Spitfire ready for action

VMC Spitfire Chocks Away

VMC Spitfire - A Little Nose Weight Required Perhaps?