Middle Wallop Easter 2015

Sunday, 24 May 2015  |  Hadi

Embarassingly late, here are a few images from the free flight meet at Middle Wallop over Easter weekend.

It was great to meet lots of dyed-in-the-wool aeromodellers and to see so many spectacular flights (and crashes)!

We'll start off with a moody shot of Middle Wallop itself which I like to call "The Long Walk":

Middle Wallop

There was an amazing array of models including this biplane that I foolishly forgot to make a note of the name. I think it was a German model from around 1941 but perhaps someone can enlighten me further!

Next up are a couple of shots of the Veron Cardinal - a bit of a Marmite model this one but I think it has a certain charm about it!

Veron Cardinal


Veron Cardinal detail

A well used KeilKraft Cadet coming into land at a steep angle but no serious damage done!

KeilKraft Cadet in flight

This Keil Kraft Competitor flew absolutely beautifully and looked truly stunning.

KeilKraft Competitor in flight

The proud owner and builder (I'm sorry I didn't catch your name).

Keil Kraft Competitor

A mylar covered KK Dolphin was very striking in flight.

Keil Kraft Dolphin in flight

We've had lot's of great feedback about our KK Eaglet kit - this model was an original I believe, but shows what a beauty the Eaglet can be when built right.

Keil Kraft Eaglet

Our friend Pete Sanders was in attendance with a number of models, but by far my favourite, was his absolutely beautiful Junior 60. Here it is in his garden shortly after completion.

Keil Kraft Junior 60

And here it is buzzing the control tower at Middle Wallop!

Keil Kraft Junior 60 buzzing the control tower

Next is a KK Senator with lovely lightweight covering, showing the multi-strand rubber set up necessary for decent duration flights with these old birds.

Keil Kraft Senator

Finally, a couple of models built by Martin Stonelake. The Keil Kraft Contestor was actually built from one of our replica kits and used one of our 17" laminated balsa propeller kits.

Keil Kraft Contestor

He also brought along this super KK Southerner Mite.

Keil Kraft Southerner Mite

I hope you've enjoyed the pictures and if you've got anything to add or would like credit for any of the builds,  please comment below.