DH-110 Sea Vixen built by Peter Disney

2 CommentsWednesday, 21 August 2013  |  Hadi

We're convinced that we have the best customers in the world and as if to prove it, we've just received these superb photos of Peter Disney's immaculately produced DH-110 Sea Vixen.

Built from the Philip Noel Designs (PND) plans, you can see Peter's plane in action this weekend (24th-26th August) at the BMFA Nationals at RAF Barkston Heath near Grantham.

Peter is also very kindly letting us have some build information, set up details, etc. for the model, which we'll make available when we receive it.

If you think you would enjoy building a model aircraft like this, we have a laser cut short kit available to buy here: PND DH-110 Sea Vixen. The short kit includes a vac-formed canopy (which is a big time saver given the odd geometry of the Sea Vixen's lid).

[UPDATE: We are no longer allowed to sell this kit as Philip Noel has sold the rights to another company. Peter Disney's build thread is still available here http://www.rcmf.co.uk/4um/index.php/topic,94868.0.html if you would like to see how he did it]

Thanks again for the amazing pictures Peter!









Gwyn Parker
Monday, 2 September 2013  |  15:18

To look at it in picture form you would think it being the real thing , an awesome looking model

Geoff Jensen
Sunday, 23 March 2014  |  4:02

I know it is a great aeroplane, flew it 1964 -1966. I have the kit and the plans, do you have the build notes yet?