BMFA Indoor Scale Nationals 2014

Monday, 14 April 2014  |  Hadi

Sunday 13th April saw the reformatted BMFA Indoor Scale Nationals return to Nottingham University's sports hall.

Models awaiting judging at the BMFA Indoor Scale Nationals 2014

Although there was a good field of competitors, spectator numbers seemed lower than in previous years, perhaps as a result of confusion over the change from the advertised two day event to just the one.

This did not detract from the standard of the competition.

The quality of builds and indeed flights were truly outstanding this year, with a good mix of returning models and brand new entries.

Superb twin (rubber!) engined Junkers JU88A scale model

There were very few non-qualifying flights but I guess models successful in previous years would be bound to do well again.

There's a debate as to whether the same models should be allowed to compete year after year - what are your thoughts?

This year also saw an experimental indoor scale glider competition which was great fun to watch. Pete Fardell's ambitious Lilienthal glider was the most entertaining - a miniature Otto forming an integral part of the airframe and launching from a sponge-covered baked bean tin!

Richard Crossley, designer of quite a few of our kits, had a very successful day winning Open Rubber, Pistachio and Electric/CO2 competitions.

Graham Banham won the Kit Scale competition with an electric Piper Tri-Pacer.

A couple of videos from the event:

John Churchill's KK Cessna 140 in the first round of the Kit Scale competition

Andrew Darby's Veron Tru-flite Harvard in the first round of the Kit Scale competition.

Ken Bates flies his Comper Swift.

Chris Blanch flying his Sablatnig SB4 Floatplane in the Kit Scale competition

Peter Boys flying his WACO biplane in the Kit Scale competition.

Alasdair Deas flying his Beechcraft Mentor in the Kit Scale competition.

Bill Dennis with his Puss Moth in Round 1 of the Kit Scale competition.

Peter Fardell flies his Albatross DIII in Kit Scale Round 1.

Unfortunate ending for Ray Goodenough and his Piper Family Cruiser in the first round of the Kit Scale competition.

Lionel Haines flies the bizarre-looking yet oddly cute Seamew in Kit Scale.

Laurie Kirby's Auster Arrow (also shown in the picture at the top during static judging).


More videos to follow so watch this space.