New Website

Welcome to the latest version of our website.

We've been running on the same ecommerce platform for a few years now and over that time it has become more complex (and more expensive) to maintain.

We have now moved to a UK-based platform that should see us through the next few years and perhaps beyond.

Needless to say, you are using the new website now!

If you find any howlers, things that don't work or would like to make any suggestions, please contact us by email at and we'll do our best to fix things as quickly as possible.

One area we're very keen to create is a proper Help Centre.

Over the years we've built up an archive of tips, videos and articles, but some of these are somewhat out of date.

The new Help Centre will appear in the top menu when it's ready!

Thank you for sticking with us and supporting us over the years - we appreciate it more than you can imagine.