Beginner's Info Guide

Posted by James on 5th Jun 2019

Beginner's Info Guide

So you've never built a flying model before? Just getting back into the hobby? Well, we are all about introducing people to this great hobby of aeromodelling, a pastime that’s been around since the Wright Bros. This is a straightforward beginner’s guide to everything you need to know before building one of our kits.


What’s in the box?

We recommend that you start off with one of the Magnificent Flying Machines models. MFMs are original designs from the Vintage Model Company. They have been carefully developed from the ground up to provide you with the best possible experience as a beginner.

When you open the box, you’ll find a bunch of components, your plan, and material.

Here’s an overview and unboxing of one of our most popular models, the Supermarine Spitfire, so you’ll know more of what to expect.


How Do I Build It?

Firstly, you’ll need to grab a few extra things that will help you assemble your kit. We try to include as much as possible in the box, such as glue, but you will need to find a few household items. Watch this video to find out what you’ll need to find.

So how do you stick it together then? Here’s a video showing you how an airframe get’s constructed from the laser cut parts of the sheet material. Building an MFM will teach you valuable skills you can use in the future with larger and more complex aircraft.

But what is this covering thing all about? Well, thanks to the newer materials and techniques we’ve been developing here at the Vintage Model Company, covering is now a hassle free process. Orderless glue can be used to cover your model with a skin of tight, quality aircraft tissue. It’s really quite straightforward.


How Do I Fly It?

Our free flight models really fly! Trimming them to fly takes some rewarding patience and a little tweaking. 

If you’re looking to build and fly one of our RC models, you’re going to want to take the time to read up and watch videos about the subject of learning to fly. Our SE5a from the Legends of Flight Series is a great plane to get into RC with. You get virtually everything you need in the box. Check out our Legends of Flight page for more info.


Do You Know About Our Different Collections?

We make lot of planes. If you’re new, we highly recommended you start with our Magnificent Flying Machines range which have been designed for beginners. However, we also have our Radio Control models in the Legends of Flight Series and our Heritage Collection. Our Heritage Collection consists of newly produced classic models from old model companies such as Kiel Kraft and West Wings. These are less friendly for the beginner but provide you with a ton of choice.

Magnificent Flying Machines - Easier to build popular models that are perfect for beginners.

Legends of Flight- All inclusive RC models that come with everything you need (including electronics).

Photo of SE5a with box.

Heritage Collection - Newly produced laser-cut classic kits for more seasoned modellers.

Photo of classic models with boxes.


More Info

There’s only so much we can fit on this page, so make sure to visit our information channels across the internet to keep on learning.

YouTube Channel -Build tips, flying tutorials, and much more.

Facebook Page - Announcements and links to resources.

Facebook Fan Club - Ask others for advice.

Instagram - Tips and inspiration for your next build.

Email us with a question - we’ll be happy to help.

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