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42" Balsa Basics Super Cub and Electronics Pack & Wheels

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A Complete Airframe and Electronics Pack

The Super Cub is the Balsa Basics Cub with a different wing that includes ailerons controlled with two extra servos. This is a full aircraft and power electronics combo to build a Balsa Basics Super Cub. If you want to get your electronics at the same time as your airframe kit, this is the bundle to get. This pack includes the model kit, motor, speed controller, servos, battery connector, hardware and wheels.

For complete beginners who need a radio set, charger, battery and other essential investments to get started in the R/C hobby, see the 42" Balsa Basics Super Cub Full Beginner Bundle.  

4Ch Aileron Trainer Cub

The Super Cub is an ideal aileron trainer. Unlike the simpler standard 'Cub', this Super Cub variant is a 4-channel aircraft that includes an aileron wing. You can build this aircraft from start to finish in a matter of hours (although you can take your time sanding, detailing and finishing). Chunky components result in a sturdy airframe that is intuitive to assemble.

In terms of flying, the Balsa Cub's predictable characteristics and auto-pilot like handling makes it incredibly easy to learn on! It almost flies itself - meaning you need only use small inputs on the controls to point the aircraft in the right direction. Most of the time the Cub is happiest cruising along at minimum throttle, however, it can also perform basic aerobatics such as loops and wingovers. Ailerons add extra dexterity and help train you up for low wing models such as the Balsa Basics Spitfire. Flight times with the recommended battery can be up to 20 minutes on calm days. With a large 1000mm wingspan, you’ll also be able to take on windier conditions. Even if you are an expert builder and pilot, this is a great aircraft to keep in your squadron. 

Build It with Video Instructions

Unlike many of our other more complicated kits, the Super Cub doesn't need to be built over a plan and can be constructed on a normal sized table with some basic tools. All you need is to follow this video along step-by-step. 


Kit Contents: 

  • 1x Sheet of 3mm Ply parts 
  • 7x Sheets of balsa parts 
  • Landing gear wire
  • Push rod wire
  • Control horns
  • Thin wooden dowel
  • 1x Emax MT2213-920KV Motor
  • 1x 25A ESC
  • 1x Emax 1045 propeller
  • 4x 9g Servos
  • 1x XT60 battery connector
  • Motor hardware
  • Servo extension wires
  • 2x 2.5" semi-pneumatic rubber wheels


Detailed Specs

Wingspan - 42" / 1070mm
Build Skill Level - Beginner 
Flying Skill Level - Beginner 
Channels - 4 (throttle, rudder and elevator)
Power System - Electric Brushless 
Recommended Motor - Emax MT2213-920KV (approximately 150w)
Propeller Size -  1045
Recommended ESC - Emax 25A
Recommended Battery - 1300mah-2200mah 3s Lipo
Servo Size - 9g


Download written instructions for the Balsa Basics Cub here:Balsa Basics Cub Instructions

42" (1070mm)