Balsa Basics Cub 4ch Aileron Wing Upgrade Kit

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Turn Your Cub into a SUPER Cub

Complete wing kit for upgrading your 3ch Cub to 4ch (or for use as a spare part)

This wing is a great adition to your standard Balsa Basics Cub kit; to go from 3ch flying to 4ch flying with ailerons is a milestone along your route to becoming a fully competent radio control pilot. Learning coordinated turns with ailerons and rudder is key to being able to fly more involved models such as the Balsa Basics Spitfire. This kit allows you to step up your flying while still using the same base model you began with.

Swap out wings

To go from Cub to Simple Cub is as easy as removing your wing bands, swapping the wing, plugging in your aileron servos and reattatching the bands. It's as simple as that.


Build It with Video Instructions or PDF Instructions

You can build the wing using the video insturctions below or download written instructions in the 'Additional Resources' section at the bottom of this page.


Kit Contents: 

  • 2x Sheet of ply parts 
  • 4x Sheets of balsa parts




Download written instructions for the Balsa Basics Cub here:Balsa Basics Cub Instructions

42" (1070mm)