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BA1100 Airbrush Compressor

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BA1100 AIRBRUSH COMPRESSOR Designed to be used with Badger airbrushes, this small but suprisingly powerful compressor has garnered much praise for its quality, ease of use and low cost. The anti-pulsation tank fitted to this compressor is a real treat and quite rare on a compresssor of this size and cost allowing even flow and much more controllable painting. Features: - Power 1/6 HP - Auto Start 3 Bar 943 psi) - Auto Stop 4 Bar (57 psi) - Air delivery 20-23 litres per minute - Auto start/ Auto Stop function - Air pressure gauge, adjustable pressure - Air filter and moisture trap - Piston type- Oil Free - Low noise - 47 db - 2 Air Brush Holders included Check out these useful review videos: