Company History

The Vintage Model Company was born out of Replikit, a company that is over 10 years old and was acquired by us in March of  2012. We bought the company lock, stock and barrel: the designs, the CAD files, stock, machinery and so on.

We set out to improve the quality and availability of the 200+ vintage model aircraft kits we inherited and upgraded the machinery from a solitary 900mm x 600mm laser cutter to several 1200mm x 900mm machines.

As an ongoing process and in response to the valuable feedback we receive from customers, we are overhauling the CAD files and packing lists to ensure that our kits are as accurate and as enjoyable to build and fly as we can possibly make them.

In 2015, we launched a new range of small flying scale kits called the Magnificent Flying Machines. Designed by aeronautical engineer and keen aeromodeller Andrew Darby, these kits take full advantage of the benefits of laser cutting - accurate tight joints, an almost self-jigging construction and super detail for grilles and wheels.

We "mass produce" the Magnificent Flying Machines range here in our workshop in Bakewell for supply to major retail chains, independent gift shops as well as model and hobby stores. If you can't find a shop near you, you can always buy direct from us on this website!

Our kits are aimed at modellers with varying degrees of experience - if you are a beginner, it might be best to start with one of our Magnificent Flying Machine range and then perhaps move on to some of the vintage replicas once you have gained confidence and honed your skills.

All of our kits require the use of glues, pins and craft knives and are therefore suitable only for ages 14 and over, however, given that children as young as eight used to build these kits in the 40s and 50s, there is no reason why, with adult supervision, you should not introduce your youngsters to this rewarding and inspiring hobby!

Built To Order

All of our vintage replica kits are built to order.

We have such a large range of models that it would not be practical or cost effective to hold all of our models in stock.

Most kits are sent out on the same day you order them, but sometimes, larger models such as the Mercury Aeronca Sedan, Southerner 60, Minimoa 100 and KK Elmira may take a few days to turn around.

If you have urgent requests (e.g. birthday or retirement present, etc.) please call us or drop us an email and we will of course do our absolute best to accommodate your request.