70% Voetsak Historic Control Line Racer

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  • Wingspan - 32"  
  • Build Difficulty - Intermediate 
  • Power type - Diesel engine (AM 25 diesel for competition eligibility)


All About The Voetsak 

Designed all the way back in the 1940s, the Voetsak was the very first Control Model in the United Kingdom.

When Ron Moulton returned from South Africa after the war in 1946 he had already designed the “ Voetsak”. The word translated means “ bugger off” or words to that effect. After the ban on I.C powered models throughout the war and with control line not even being flown in the U.K. until Ron arrived with his big 60 petrol engined model his demonstrations up and down the country drew thousands of spectators who were hungry for some peacetime excitement. Reportedly, crowds of over 5000 would turn up plus TV and radio to film and report on his sensational model flying on lines and creating a major new form of aeromodelling.


Race Competition Information

Steve Betney has been running at least three Voetsak Racing competitions per year for the last 15 years as a tribute to the great man, Ron Moulton. Upon Ron’s passing his son Jonathan and daughter Dina have been sponsoring and attending these competitions each year although the concern was that with the engines becoming so rare (and difficult to keep running) the competition would have to cease. Julio Isidro dreamed up his idea of a smaller ( but exactly to the original design shape) powered with the modest output of the AM Diesel engine and brought it as surprise to everyone at the hugely popular and well attended SAM35 Retro Fest.

The model became a sensation because it flew so well, because the event could continue (now named Tribute Voetsak), because the Moulton family can ensure their famous fathers name can be continued to be honoured each year and because this is THE control line model which started off the whole U.K. movement and because of its smaller size and non specialist engine it opens up the competition to youngsters and the young at heart. 

If you would like to build a Voetsak racer of your own, there will be plenty of events where you can fly yours against other Voetsaks over the coming years.  

More info on the competition, the rules and how to take part here:

Kit includes:

  • Balsa and ply cut parts,
  • Plan and parts reference sheet,
  • Strip wood and block,
  • Brass tubing,
  • Wire,
  • Acetate,
  • Bellcrank,
  • Bolt, washers, nylock nut, screws,
  • Control horn,
  • Mylar hinges,
  • 2 x 2.5" semi-pneumatic wheels