52" Veron Impala - Radio Controlled Beginner Slope Soaring Glider

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Quick Spec

  • Wingspan - 52" 
  • Build Skill Level - Beginner/intermediate (you might have built a couple of balsa models before)
    Flying Skill Level - Beginner 
  • Channels - 2
  • Power System - Electric R/C
  • Servo Size - 9g  


This kit is a laser-cut replica of the original Veron Impala. Construction of the model from this kit uses the traditional method of "stick and tissue", that consists of a built up balsa wood skeleton (framework), covered with a tissue skin. The balsa frameworks are built over a plan that is printed at the exact scale of the model, which is in essence a real engineering drawing. The kit was designed for RC but at a time when it was very expensive and bulky so the model was designed such that it could be flown with just one channel if necessary.

Modern RC gear can easily be fitted to control the rudder and elevators.

This type of traditional building technique and flying requires a degree of patience and skill, but is extremely rewarding.

Video Overview

Kit Contains 

  • Balsa wood sheets with precise laser cut parts and strip wood. 
  • Acetate sheet for canopy. 
  • Tissue to cover the model. 
  • Full size printed plan with instructions.

Recommended to Complete 

52" (1320mm)


  • 5
    Awesome Glider for learning R/C slope soaring.

    Posted by Mark Trappett on 8th Apr 2021

    My brother and I built three of these back in the 1970's. They are truly a fantastic model! So forgiving when you are a learner, and a brilliant slope-soarer. We covered them with nylon back in the day and never cris-cross the rubber bands like in the photo :-) That will surely lead to a broken wing. Just keep the bands on the same side, and use some thin plywood to reinforce the leading and trailing edges of the wing to prevent the bands from cutting into the balsa wood. We used to fly at Cleobury Mortimor in the UK, and anywhere there was a slope. Again, this is truly a classic model, and will fly better than any of these all foamy models from these days. I will be getting another of these in the near future I think.