30" KK Cadet

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The KK Cadet is a real perennial Bill Dean, classic tow line glider, with beautiful lines and an excellent flyer. Features simple, straightforward, built up construction, making an ideal beginner's flying model. To quote from the original KK publicity "the Cadet has the good looks for which all Keil Kraft designs are noted. The performance would satisfy even the most advanced modeler"


  • Wingspan: 30" (76.2 cm)
  • Weight: 57g (2 oz)
  • Power system: Tow line glider; free flight
  • Manufacturer: KK Replica
  • Designed by: Bill Dean
  • Difficulty: Beginner/ Intermediate



Our replica kit includes top quality, laser-cut parts for accurate, speedy building. Can be flown in the new "36" class, lightweight bungee launch competition. This kit is a laser-cut replica of the original KK Cadet. Construction of the model from this kit uses the traditional method of "stick and tissue", that consists of a built up balsa wood skeleton (framework), covered with a tissue skin. The balsa frameworks are built over a plan that is printed at the exact scale of the model, which is in essence a real engineering drawing. Free flight means just that - once the model is launched, it is on its own. It must follow a predetermined flight path established when the model is initially adjusted for flight or "trimmed". This type of traditional building technique and flying requires a degree of patience and skill, but is extremely rewarding.


  • Laser cut parts
  • Strip wood
  • Acetate sheet for canopy
  • Domestic tissue to cover the model (white)
  • Full size printed plan
  • Instructions


  • Paints
  • Glue
  • Coloured tissue

Model shown expertly built and photographed by Peter Sanders, features coloured tissue not included in the kit.

30" (76.2 cm)


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    Posted by Douglas Horton on 20th Jan 2021

    Believe it or not I built this model when I was 7. As I am 72 now you can do the math. It was a shier delight. to build and fly. To fill some time I was going to build it and modify to a radio controlled motor glider but unfortunately its not available at present as you know. I bought the plans to source my own balsa but unfortunately the plans do not give details of the normally cut parts in the kit. Scans of these and material spec would be great.