27" Veron Tiger Moth 150 scale

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This is a 150% scaled up version of Phil Smith's original 18" wingspan kit. With a 27" wingspan and cut from 3/32" balsa sheet, this model is a bit easier to handle and build than its smaller sibling.

Kit Contains

Plotted plans.
Laser cut parts.
Strip wood
Acetate sheet for windows
Tissue covering
Motor peg
Piano wire
3/16" FAI flight rubber
7" plastic propeller

Please note: A decals/markings sheet is no longer available and not included in this kit.


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    27" Veron Tiger Moth 150

    Posted by Phil Rayner on 8th Jul 2021

    Bought this as a winter project, expecting it to be a challenge. I was not disappointed in that. I expected no building notes, but was surprised that there was no indication of how to set the dihedral or where the CG might be. Outerzone provided another plan with an ahead view, so I could make some dihedral guides and the internet suggested CG just ahead of the forward cockpit. Basic construction is simple enough, though the scaling up magnified errors from the original such that some parts were too small from the plan, others too large. These easy enough to remedy. However, come the wire bending, a major issue. Two lengths of 20 swg insufficient for all the required parts, discovered after I'd made one half of the U/C and one side of the cabane struts. Where to find more during lockdown? Found some, but coiled. This would simply not bend properly and the results were very approximate, leading to making some balsa struts as well, to try to make it at least look right. The original plan was to cover with trainer yellow Esaki, but this is now out of production. Found some silver Esaki, so went for the 1950's colour scheme. Big mistake. Aeromodeller recently described silver Esaki as 'notoriously tricky'. The result is really a bit of a mess. Final assembly - some adjustment on the notches for the lower wings. and a hole in the nose block way too big for the plastic prop bush supplied. Make a balsa plug, redrill. Then fit the supplied BLUE plastic prop. C'mon VMC, this is supposed to be a scale model, black would have been fine. So, all done, but with the angles all wrong due the dodgy cabane struts I don't think it stands a prayer of flying, so probably static only.