16" Peter Rake Zephyr II

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ZEPHYR II BY PETER RAKE Zephyr II was designed to provide a very lightweight model intended for electric power and radio control operating rudder and throttle. The prototype model used a DT actuator receiver, Plantraco Micro Act actuator, 50 or 70 mAh single cell LiPo and motor unit from a Vapor. The propellor is a cut down Vapor item. Any similar equipment may be used, or even a 3 channel 'brick' receiver and Vapor motor unit if you don't mind the extra weight. Two control horns are included in case you choose to go this route, but you'll need to modify the tailplane and rudder for the extra control function. As shown on the plans, but without the battery fitted, the prototype model weighed just 15 grams. FLYING With the model roughly balanced at 1/3 chord treat it as a free-flight model and trim it for a smooth, straight glide before attempting powered flight. Once the glide is right, remember the model's vintage styling and fly the model in an appropriate manner. Slow and gentle is what Zephyr II does best, so don't rush things. Just enjoy watching the model float gently around the sky in a sort of radio interrupted free-flight fashion. It's just so relaxing to fly that way. Why not try one actually rubber-powered for free-flight! YOUR KIT CONTAINS Full size printed plans Laser cut parts Stripwood balsa Linkages Acetate Domestic Tissue Wheels